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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
hahahaha, just sat @ home today thinking of the stupid stuff i have done...

i may not be handsome and all but God was fair to have given me a sweet tongue...hahaha thank God for this tongue that has allowed me to sweettalk... hahahaha

first it was Sophia, the first girl that ever cried to me...i was totally shock and did not know what to do...hahahaha but well luckily we manage to become good friends again...would not i would regret man! hahaha

then came Samantha... i was totally being a fucking jerk! she did her 200% for me but yet i toyed with her -,- i hurt her to the MAX man! she was just too nice lahh, i had to make things clear...at that point in time i was not ready to commit man, i was like @ my peak period of partying man, hahahahaha and i don want to hurt a sweet girl...hahaha

ok this is an exception, clarissa! hahaha she hurt ME! LOL! don wanna get into this topic!...

then it was Chelsie...hmmmm i rly donno how we even started, i went into the scene as a friend then she developed feelings...although i admit i had some for her, but i am a person who will never give up a brotherhood for friendship for a relationship, she was my good friend ex girlfriend, i feel bad enough for making out and all, even though i was nv in a wrong as they ald broke up...but according to my own principles i was not right...but wells...at least we are still talking although there is awkwardness but...hahahaha i guess time will heal her!

all these ladies above are GOODGIRLS! and i missed every single opportunity to get attached! hahahaha who can i blame to be still single? hahaha no one but myself...i have to reflect...and make sure i hold dearly to the next one tt come by...hahahaha someone i can show TLC to... i got not so much money and time to show everyone! hahahaha so i have to FOCUS on one only~ hahahahahaha....but this next girl cannot stop me from going club...and i wont stop her too, cause i will have self control and i know she will too! hahahaha

okok gonna colour my tattoo this thursday! hahahaha gonna hurt all over again! LOL!!!

nth left to say but just feel farrrking remorseful...but i am GLAD Samantha found someone who really love her...hahha i hope...!!


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Monday, September 27, 2010
itz time to PARTY and also workout...
OMG just by working 2 weeks w/o exercise i gained 3kg =,= SMLJ how can this be happening?? damn sian now mus workout ald, back to the canoe-polo days, and i shall drink less, cause liquor have very high lvl of carbohydrate...like macham eating a bowl of rice! hahahaha

ok thursday i am going back to VAGABOND INK to continue my tattoo! add some colours man..hahaha

ok i am heading to gym now my healthy week starts today!

PLEASE IF YOU ARE SEEING THIS! don get so affected by her ok? i am sure if you both talk things out everything will be fine! :) i think you are like the only one reading my blog...hahahaha

study hard yeah! get the straight As and come back redeem your free meal! :)


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Saturday, September 25, 2010
Its time to BLOG again!!!
Well Well Well, i promised to continue blogging, and here is it! hahaha

The first 2 weeks of my holidays have been tiring! First week working @ Oktoberfest.. hahaha was damn shiokk mann! LAST DAY of work, was drunk drunk drunk! hahahahaha...within that 4 days i have earned enough for myself to relax the whole holiday! :P

The second week, was L'oreal Sales... i totally din't know why i took the job! 12 hrs but only pay me 70 a day! hahaha but jus because all my friends are working lahh tts why i took up the offer... hahaha but i think i spend half my pay on cosmetics =,= hahahahaha

Alrightsss... it's been 3 weeks ever since Evangeline left... hahaha seen her through her EMO period...so glad now she has adapted well, hahaha have her new friendsss, really glad for her, each time we web-cam i try to make her happy, hopefully she would stay this way, hahahaha i really think she will become my very very good friend! i really like talking to her, she reminds me of Aimillie! hahahaha who in the end i lost contact with :(

So hopefully i could continue to keep in contact with her! hahaha losing contact i will really feel very very sad :( hahahaha...

okok gtg gym to do a work out, getting fatter and fatter...see yahhh :)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Monday, July 6, 2009
Dinner @ Pan Pacific Hotel....
Went to Pan Pac hotel for buffet dinner to celebrate Uncle Kiong's birthday...wonderful dinner...was so concentrated on the food that i forgot to take pictures...LOL...

Food was good...the Salad's bar was damn good...i had soo many rounds of vegetables...LOL...they had goo spread of desserts too...but it was too sinful to even look @ them...LOL...chocolatesss chocolatesssss....LOL....and many other cakes....i dint touch any...just took a bite off mummy's plate...i ate alot of fruits...

Hmmmm...WONDERFUL DINNER INDEED...lol now to do more exercise to burn the extra calories...LOL
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Monday, June 22, 2009
Well well well...
H1N1 what are you doing??? can your start making things serious and make sure there is a Curfew??? LOL

hmmm, but hopefully all my friends and family will be safe...LOL...

Finally got my HP shoulder bag...superly loved~

classes have started...and i am really sad...no more slacking moments..must start working hard liao...play somemore i will cause my GPA to depreciate...LOL

AEROSPACE!!! huat uh....haha its not gonna be easy...but i will make sure i do well :)

i am going through a MINI FINANCIAL CRISIS...lol...hmmm guess i have been spending toooooo much money...i have to start saving...my bank account is gonna have money soon...

okok gonna go do some work ald..LOL....

And someone please jio me to TeoHeng...LOL my throat healing le :)
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Thursday, June 11, 2009
The most LOSER day of my LIFE...(so far)

OMG, today's outing with the Team was a complete FAILURE...it could hit the charts of FAIL-BLOG...

okok lemme go through with you the plans we had.....

1) Makan @ ChompChomp...
2) Go to Grapevine drink and chill...
3) Go to the lan near-by and play L4D

sounds like a perfect plan right??? OMG it was soooo perfect untill we left ChompChomp...

B4 we left the place i still had like HALF giant cup of sugarcane left...we decided not to waste it...so ETHAN acting hero say we play game...loser will have to drink it in one mouth...

i suggested 5-10...LOL ETHAN lost...so he glup down the half cup which i think was like 750ml...
He was EXPLODING....

Loser act #1
we went outside ChompChomp...he puked!!!! lol...damn grosss....ewwwww'

Loser act #2
We missed the last bus to Grapevine....-_- we lost track of time...

Loser act #3
We didnt know the place called a friend to ask for address to tell cab uncle...

Loser act #4
Realise Grapevine going to close in like 15 mins...then decided to straight play LAN *it was nearby

Loser act #5
We cab down and true enough Grapevine was closing...but we tried our luck @ the opposite bar Ö-Bar"...we saw from opposite like still open so we chiong across the street climb the FREAKING high fence and then went over only to read the sign "CLOSED"

Loser act #6
Putting all our hopes on the LAN shop...we walked down the road...we glance...there is still people...OMG we all got sooo excited...when we went nearer...it says "CLOSED"

Loser act #7
We went over the 7-11 and tried to get some alcohol to end our misery...who knows, we got JOLLY SHANDY...*how nice* (but i saw Ethan trying to read FHM,i saw him he faster put back i wonder what was he afraid of)

Loser act #8
Decided to take a cab...but was trying to squeeeze 5 people...hmmm nobody wants to take us...the Damian pointed to a Space Wagon...thinking it will cost us a little bit more...but heck it...
We took it, once we went up...it was straight away 8 dollars surcharge...SURCHARGE!!!...haven added the normal cab fair...

Loser act #9
Ah Seng gave wrong direction....

Loser act #10
When i was alone with uncle, chatted with him for awhile...then we decided to talk about the charge...why soooo expensive...but it turns out that if we were to take 2 cabs it would have cost more...as surcharge would have bee 5 dollars each, equivilant to 10 dollars which is more...then realise that all the noise we made in the cab was for nothing...as we are @ advantage...LOL

cab fare was like $30...one person $6 only...LOL....wat a LOSER DAY....
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